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My most recent article with the Texas Observer is out! An interview with Robert Bakker, and an account of a paleontological mystery 280 million years old.
Charisma by Ashere
Charisma comes with having a couple hundred more pounds and much larger teeth. 

Images of dinosaurian predators driving each other off of carrion are always filled with roaring and snapping. While that likely happened--tussles between predators over food can be nasty--sometimes animals give ground with nary a protest. In this little sketch, a young Allosaurus, still in its protofeather coat, shies submissively away from a subadult Ceratosaurus. The communication here is all happening through body language, with no need for vocal display.  

Somewhat inspired by Scott Hartman's skeletal reconstructions of juvenile Morrison theropods. 
The Bull Finback and the Eel Shark by Ashere
The Bull Finback and the Eel Shark
Inspired by a series of conversations with Robert Bakker (yep) at a digsite in Seymour, Texas. He sketched out a vision of an ecosystem where dimetrodonts made a habit of dining on Xenacanthus river sharks, somewhat dangerous animals in their own right. Listening to him, it was easy to imagine the Dimetrodon gathering by drying pools and river channels, slithering down the banks and across the muddy shallows like crocodiles, pinning and shaking trapped sharks. The bull in this illustration is shaking his food item so hard he's spinning around  in the mud. His snout is scarred by the toxins from other encounters with shark spines in the past, and he bears the big jowls of an adult male  in his sexual prime (modeled, again, on Tegus.) 

Updated with a painted version. The sail isn't the most original thing in the world, but I decided to run a little further with the Tegu thing on the body coloration, which took me off in a different direction than I'd expected. The shark, as befits an animal with poisonous spines that occasionally got snacked on, bears a bit of yellow warning coloration. It doesn't appear to be working.   

I used photos of Vitali Klatt's excellent kit as inspiration. 
Hey, everybody! Long time, no see. I'm going to have some art to post pretty soon, but right now I want to share some pretty cool news. My short story "The Wampus Mask" has just been published by the online magazine NAMELESS. And you can read it HERE for free! 

What's it about, you might ask? It's about ancient horror. Desperate magic. Vengeance. It's about witches and ghosts and curses, about dark forests and high canyons. And it's about one young woman named Anna O'Brien, who is about to walk a path stranger than she could have ever dreamed....

So what are you guys waiting for? Head on over and take a look!  


Asher Elbein
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a 21 year old artist working out of University of Alabama. I specialize in paleontological art, creature design, and I am slowly working my way towards an ability to draw humans as well. I also write, and have various short stories published in various places. And I play a mean acoustic bass.

Contact me via note or at my email,

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